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"Cooking sauces you'll love cooking with time and time again"

 ( Aunty Jee, Creator of Naga Masala cooking sauce range).

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Traditional Indian cooking sauces made without compromise.

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About Naga Masala.

Aunty Jee, a legendary Indian master chef with well over 35 years of commercial cooking experience and has over those years delighted thousands of curry loving people by cooking up delights that left people licking their fingers and craving for more. As recent as 2014 Aunty Jee decided to share her 30 plus years of cooking with the public by creating a range of original cooking sauces, the same cooking sauce used to cook to all those curries that left her admirers wanting more.


Aunty Jee's  decision to make these sauces available to the public led her to the belief that people would be inspired to make the very same curries what Aunty Jee had been doing for over thirty years, but now they can do it in their own kitchen. These cooking sauces are original and won't be found even in other cooking sauce brands. This bold claim comes through over thirty five years of cooking traditional Indian food without compromise, resulting in her fans asking Aunty Jee where they could buy her products, which at that time no this product was available in stores, but only online


This very commitment of cooking traditional Indian food without compromise has earned Aunty Jee the respect of many adoring fans nationwide, which resulted in the creation and eventual launch of these cooking sauces in 2014. "Naga Masala" cooking range consists of MILD, WILD & HOT/EXTREME, SAFARI and SWEET & SOUR. A total of five original cooking sauces that will give you endless delights and adventures in your kitchen making any genuine Indian curries you can imagine or you can follow her recipes which can be found on this website and videos too.

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