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"Cooking sauces you'll love cooking with time and time again"

 ( Aunty Jee, Creator of Naga Masala cooking sauce range).

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Traditional Indian cooking sauces made without compromise.

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How to order Naga Masala

When ordering cooking sauces online please order from Chilli Direct, this order should be placed separately as minimum order is 6 pots. But if you purchase 7 pots you get the 8th for free. Chilli Direct uses next day courier service as this product is sold frozen and delivered using temperature controlled packaging. Once cooking sauces arrive please follow storage instructions.

Step 1. How to order.

Step 2. Storage & shelf life of cooking sauces.

When you purchase our cooking sauces online it is best to simply store them in the freezer which can be kept in up to 12 months plus. Should you store in the frigde unopened it can remain up to 2 to3 weeks. Once open you should consume immediately. Please follow use by date on packaging.

Step 3. Order direct from "Chilli Direct".

At this moment in time Chilli Direct are in talks with a number of outlets who are expressing keen interest to list Naga Masala cooking sauces. Since Chilli direct is still in it's early stages of this plan of natiowide distribution you can buy Naga Masala directly from Chilli Direct. (Please follow step 1)

Important steps and info to follow.

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